Constituent 360 for Nonprofit Fundraisers — The holy grail in the next normal..

I joined as the Head of the Centre of Excellence for Nonprofits and Higher Education in January after a long career in Helping customers as the founder of support in EMEA to helping launch new products like service cloud, communities and B2B Commerce. Over the years I have helped build deep industry domain expert teams across EMEA .

I have logged over 1400 hours of volunteering and have served on two nonprofit boards . I want to bring this experience to our nonprofit and higher education customers and help them with digital transformation assisted by a team of strategic industry advisors.

Since I joined, the world has changed in a fundamental way and the world of Nonprofits has been upended by Covid-19. I have talked too many CIO, CTO and CEO’s of Nonprofits over video conferencing and have observed a number of stages in this crisis .

The first stage was getting employees working from home in a safe and secure manner using cloud computing and remote video conferencing .

Now we have the next normal stage and what is top of mind for Covid era fundraisers?

We are seeing three top challenges in this next normal :

1. Messaging/communications

2. Virtual events /Digital Fundraising

3. Donor acquisition /Retention

The holy grail for Nonprofits addressing GDPR compliance and the unfolding Covid crisis is a 360-degree view of their constituents , a single database for real time communications around supporters’ donations history and engagement.

Save the Children have implemented this and have integrated payments into salesforce across 98,000 donors.

The right message, the right channel at the right time in a proactive predictive manner driven by machine learning insights .

Many Nonprofits are afraid to email donors as they do not have in some instances their current email address and current employment status and worry about unsympathetic messaging .

But how do you do that today if many of the needed systems are not in place today?

Many Nonprofits have field teams that can no longer raise funds on the street or canvass door to door for direct debits.

There are cloud telephony partners like Vonage and Natterbox that can allow you to quickly turn these face to face workers into remote teleworkers, working from home on mobiles who can call your donors and check in with them. We have customers doing this today, quite efficiently and effectively.

Salesforce has also recently launched Salesforce Voice in partnership with Amazon to allow non profits to provide a seemless , omnichannel/omnimodal real time contact centre all running entirely in the cloud .

They can ascertain with empathy their current situation are they furloughed or badly impacted , are they in a sector where there is little impact and feel they want to give back as many of us do myself included and it may be time not money they can help you with.

Non-Profits also need to come up with innovative new ways to get our attention in 2020 with a jointly beneficial approach and solidarity to engage with prior sponsors and really know your constituent (KYC).

For example ; after these reach out calls you can re-categorise your donors for segmentation and place them into marketing and nurturing journeys that are relevant and sympathetic for their next normal situation .

I recently signed myself ,wife and daughter up for this challenge The Race that nearly wasn’t for Breakthrough Cancer in Ireland. it appeals as a charity we have hiked together in 2019 with 150 others as part of our Genforce equality group , jointly beneficial in that it helps us get our girls out for a daily walk with purpose and solidarity ,there is also a child friendly app and a leader board to make it a contest in a virtual community.

My colleague Ed Hurell has been our Dublin office champion for this event and we have a goal of 500 walkers/runners to raise €10,000 which salesforce will then match .

As well as having to virtually fundraising quickly as many key events like the London marathon have been postponed , another cultural change is that cash and ATM use has dropped by 40% as part of the Covid crisis as paper can carry the virus also banks have reduced banking hours and limits because of social distancing , as everyone has gone contactless and is using banking apps .

Long term habits formed typically over 66 days are changing to digital rapidly and non-profits need to leverage these change in habits.

A great live example is Save the Children campaign in Revolut as these mobile banking apps are the future way people will donate with frictionless donations via QR codes and in app campaigns for nonprofits .

You can donate spare change from day to day spending , regular monthly donation or a one-off donation as you use their banking app

Find out more about how Save the children are using salesforce for KYC and higher campaign returns on fundraising .

Another example of change is an online platform for second hand items sales for nonprofits that is helping causes like NCBI and Oxfam switch to digital fundraising after they had to close their charity shops in Ireland .

And following on from the example above you can even fundraise on massive online platforms like Spotify , Strava or Twitch using Gaming for good or Givepenny as people pivot to mostly digital experiences during Covid .

Finally with the pivot to mostly online shopping when you do your grocery shop you could select a favoured charity when checking out and donate 5% of your shop , nonprofits need to build new alliances and partnerships with corporates to leverage the fact we are all in this together and that we know nonprofit services are needed now more than ever as we face a fundraising challenge.

Salesforce is helping 46,000 change-making customers manage their data collation and apply Einstein machine learning to segment and better engage with their loyal and strongest donors during Covid 19 and there are many more stories on our website




I was an early member of salesforce EMEA joining in 2000, A Masters Graduate of UCD and Michael Smurfit business and a board member of St. Dominics School

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Cyril Treacy

Cyril Treacy

I was an early member of salesforce EMEA joining in 2000, A Masters Graduate of UCD and Michael Smurfit business and a board member of St. Dominics School

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